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welcome to stove, a website where i tell you about cool stuff that i like while misspelling everything. for a long while, i've been toying around with the idea of making some sort of blog page where i can freely express my thoughts on things that only i would probably care about. i mean, there's so much out there that i'm truly passionate about as an artist/animator. but the problem was finding the right way to do so. sites like twitter can only get you so far in terms of how much you can say within a single tweet and many website builders are just made from the same tacky designs that plague websites today. so why neocities? well i wanted to have a website i could call my own while not being limited with what i can do. technically i'm still kind of limited, but i think there's a lot more breathing room to fiddle around with design. so while this isn't the best looking website i could come up with, it's one i could call my own and have fun with. how long will i keep this up? i dunno. but i hope i can make something good out of it. stick around.

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